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The Wine Front

Félicette Grenache Rouge 2015




"Cute label. Tasty wine. First and only cat sent into space (best place for them). From the Languedoc.

Lovely drink. Not incredibly complex, but very tasty. Raspberries, a little violet perfume, suggestion of raw meat and dried herbs. Only just to medium bodied, fresh and lively, gentle rasp of tannin and a clean finish. Nicely done."


The Wine Front

Félicette Grenache Rouge 2014




" Grenache from Languedoc with 15% Syrah.

Fresh and full of raspberries with floral perfume. Medium bodied, clean and crisp, fruity but not sweet, with a light rasp of tannin on a finish of good length. It’s simple and unpretentious (pretentious, moi?), but bright and delicious. I’d drink it in preference over many reds."


The Wine Front

Félicette Grenache Blanc 2014




" Named for Félicette, the first cat in space. She was launched 18 October 1963. Love the label. I cooked Bouillabaisse last night, and took a glass of this with dinner. Worked beautifully.

It’s fruity, almost banana-scented, but also has stonefruit and citrus in the mix. Light to medium bodied, crisp and perfumed, with an almond and fennel flavour, and a fresh finish touched up with a little melon rind bitterness. Lovely to drink."


International Wine Challenge (UK)

Felicette Grenache Blanc 2016

Bronze Medal